Hot Travel Destinations for 2018

The year has just started in earnest and the winter holiday spots as fast becoming empty. The crowd is looking southwards to the warmth of the tropics, the heat, beaches, fine cocktails and beautiful women.

This is my list of some of the great travel destinations for the rest of the year 2018.

Bali, Indonesia

The island of the gods is better known for it’s coral reef, beaches, rice paddy fields and volcanic mountains. This paradise in the jungle is one of the great stops for the discerning travelers adventures, I simply love BALI!

Bali is the epitome of unparalleled luxury with its amazing beach resorts, hotels and villas that sit right on the beach while some others sit in the water with the clear waters flowing underneath. Bali offers plenty of adventure and I would sure take it on its word.


A safari trip to East Africa is every tourist’s dream. The warmth of the sun and the welcoming arms of mama Africa is always outstretched in Nairobi. In spite of all the strife, war, hunger and poverty that is portrayed on the media as Africa, there is a thriving community of people loving their lives and living beautifully.

The scene, although not as sophisticated as parts of America and Europe is beautiful in its own way. The street music, the bustling traffic with its accompaniment of street traders and hawkers of diverse wares added a unique color to the already beautiful canvas.

Kenya, the land of Simba and the coyotes is a must see.

Mauritius and the Reunion Island

The exotic Islands of Mauritius and Reunion are a wonderful spectacle to behold. There are new experiences in Mauritius, there are the whales and sharks to see in Mauritius and they are there to see big! Swimming in their grace and in open waters. The sight is priceless and I am sure same will be your experience.

There were a lot on offer in Mauritius; there is the catamaran ride, para gliding, underwater racing and a trek to the crater of the active volcano at the Reunion Islands.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Have you seen the fairy chimneys? Gotten drawn in their wonder? Flown in a hot air balloon?  Or walked the trail of Christian persecution?

Cappadocia is a marvel to behold, the whole environment and structures seem like they had sprung forth from a sci-fi movie. The gloomy looks of the rock formation tell tales of alien invasion and of master craftsmen. The volcanic ash formation of undulating shapes and caves have drawn many from far and wide to explore its rich history, hike through the vast valleys and hills, and enjoy the feeling of living in a cave.


Morocco has a lot of diverse tourist attractions for the first time traveler to its beautiful cities and I must tell you, the experience is usually surreal; more like a ride in a time machine or so it was for me. There is Fes to see, the Sahara holds its allure and the atlas mountains is a great spot for hiking and exploration.

This are just a few of the destinations that hold personal allure and goals for me in 2018, hope you find them fascinating as well.


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