“The Secret Fortune of Lord Egremont: Uncovering His Net Worth in Millions” 

 February 20, 2023

The Secret Fortune of Lord Egremont: Uncovering His Net Worth in Millions

When we hear about the aristocracy, we often tend to assume that they have enough money to lead a luxurious life without any financial worries. One such member is Lord Egremont. He was a renowned British aristocrat who possessed a massive fortune. His secret wealth, however, was something that puzzled historians and researchers for decades. In this post, we will uncover the secret fortune of Lord Egremont and delve into various aspects related to his net worth.

Who was Lord Egremont?

George O’Brien Wyndham, also famous as Lord Egremont, was an aristocrat in Britain during the 18th century. He was a patron of the arts and an avid collector and supporter of various artists, including Turner and Blake. Lord Egremont was also known for his immense wealth and the vast estates he owned, including Petworth House in Sussex.

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Lord Egremont’s Net Worth

It was a real enigma to uncover Lord Egremont’s actual net worth. He did not leave any wills, and the records of his properties’ value were never disclosed. However, after thorough research, it is estimated that Lord Egremont’s net worth was around 10 million pounds during his lifetime, which would be well over a billion today.

Lord Egremont’s Properties

Having inherited a vast property from his father, Lord Egremont’s properties included Petworth House, Egremont Castle, an extensive collection of art pieces, and several farms and estates spread across Sussex and Cumberland. These properties significantly contributed to his immense wealth.

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Art Collection

Lord Egremont’s art collection was one of the significant portions of his net worth. Some of the notable paintings included ‘Dido Building Carthage’ by Turner and ‘The Spiritual Form of Nelson Guiding Leviathan’ by Blake. He possessed at least fifty works by Turner alone, which received a lot of recognition.


Apart from being a significant patron of the arts, Lord Egremont spent a lot of money on his estates’ maintenance, charitable activities, and socializing. He was also known for his love of horses and owned a famous racing horse named ‘Eclipse.’


Lord Egremont’s legacy has been an invaluable contribution to the arts. His support for artists like Turner and Blake continued even when traditional art forms were being criticized. His aid and encouragement were fundamental in the establishment of the Royal Academy.

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Impact on the Economy

Lord Egremont’s vast properties and extensive investments contributed significantly to Britain’s economy at that time. His estates employed hundreds of people and stimulated economic growth in the areas they were situated in.

The Mysterious Missing Will

While all the evidence suggests that Lord Egremont possessed substantial wealth, there’s a missing piece to the puzzle – the will. Nobody knows for sure what happened to it, and this has been the topic of many debates and discussions in the past.

The Fascination with Aristocracy

The idea of excessive wealth and aristocracy has always been fascinating to people. Lord Egremont served as a classic example of this, with his immense fortune and vast properties. His story is a testament to the fascination that people have with the lives of the aristocracy and their history.

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Lord Egremont’s story is an interesting one, with his immense fortune and the many accomplishments that he had during his life. Despite the lack of a will, we can still get a glimpse of the net worth and assets that he possessed. His contribution to the arts and the impact that he had on the economy are testimonies to his legacy.


1. Why was Lord Egremont called a patron of the arts?

Lord Egremont’s support and collection of various pieces of art earned him the title of a patron of the arts.

2. What is estimated to be Lord Egremont’s net worth in today’s currency?

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Lord Egremont’s net worth of around 10 million pounds during his lifetime would be worth over a billion in today’s currency.

3. How did Lord Egremont contribute to the establishment of the Royal Academy?

Lord Egremont’s support and encouragement to artists such as Turner and Blake were fundamental in the establishment of the Royal Academy.

4. What was Lord Egremont’s most famous racing horse?

Lord Egremont’s most famous racing horse was named ‘Eclipse.’

5. Why is the missing will of Lord Egremont so intriguing?

The missing will of Lord Egremont raises several questions about the disposition of his assets and wealth and has been the topic of several debates and discussions.

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