“Uncovering Lisa Joyner’s Impressive Net Worth: A Deep-Dive into the Television Host’s Wealth” 

 February 14, 2023


Lisa Joyner has been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades. She has contributed significantly to the world of broadcast journalism, and her net worth is quite impressive. Let’s dive in and learn more about how much the TV host is worth and what has contributed to her wealth.

Early Life and Career

Born in San Diego, California, Lisa Joyner started her career on television as a reporter for KSBY-TV. Her career took off after that as she worked for KTTV-TV and KNBC-TV. During this time, she honed her skills and became a household name in broadcast journalism.

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Television Hosting Career

Joyner began hosting several shows and became a staple on TV screens across the US. She has worked for major networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Joyner has hosted shows like Long Lost Family, Find My Family, and The Next Wave.

Joyner’s Net Worth Breakdown

Joyner’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 million. Most of her income comes from her work as a television host, but she also makes money as an actor and producer. Additionally, she earns revenue from her investments and endorsements.

Television Contracts and Salary

Television contracts and salaries are a crucial part of a TV host’s net worth. Joyner signed a multi-year contract with TLC for hosting Long Lost Family, which contributed significantly to her earnings. Additionally, her contract for hosting Find My Family helped increase her net worth.

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Acting Career

Joyner’s acting career has also contributed to her net worth. She has appeared in several movies and television shows, including The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, and CSI: NY.

Production and Direction Career

Joyner has also produced and directed several projects. One notable production credit is as an executive producer for the show Taken. She also produced several episodes of This is Us, one of NBC’s most popular shows.

Investments and Endorsements

Joyner makes money from her investments in the stock market and real estate. Additionally, she endorses several products and brands, adding to her wealth.

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Charity work

Lisa Joyner is an active supporter of charitable organizations. She has worked with organizations like the American Heart Association, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the Stand Up to Cancer Foundation.

Maintaining a High Net Worth

To maintain her net worth, Joyner is made smart investments over the years and worked on many successful projects. Additionally, she has managed her finances wisely while engaging in fundraising activities for her favorite causes.


Lisa Joyner has made an impressive net worth of $14 million from her work as a television host, actress, producer, and investor. Her talent, hard work, and smart financial decisions have been the key to her financial success. Joyner is a prime example of how to build a successful career that can translate into long-term financial stability and security.

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1. How much is Lisa Joyner Worth?

Lisa Joyner’s net worth is $14 million.

2. What has contributed to Lisa Joyner’ s net worth?

Her net worth comes from her work as a television host, actress, producer, and investor.

3. What are some of the shows Lisa Joyner has hosted?

Lisa Joyner has hosted Long Lost Family, Find My Family, and The Next Wave.

4. What is Lisa Joyner’s source of income?

She makes money from her television contracts, acting roles, production and direction credits, investments, and endorsements.

5. What charities does Lisa Joyner support?

Lisa Joyner supports organizations such as the American Heart Association, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Stand Up to Cancer Foundation.

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